Permeable porous paving is an alternative to conventional pavements, with many environmental stormwater management benefits. These surfaces allow water to percolate through to a sub-surface course, from where it either infiltrates to the soil or is filtered back to the drainage system.

Permcon permeable paving can be used for a variety of water management objectives to: reduce peak stormwater discharges from paved areas, improve stormwater quality, increase groundwater recharge and reduce the area of land dedicated solely to stormwater management. 

Permcon Australia and New Zealand is a leading specialist in the research & development, installation and complete works for permeable concrete and porous paving. Head office based in Melbourne Permcon have completed installation across Australia and now expanding to New Zealand. 

Sydney permeable concrete installation is now available from Permcon, call us today to discuss your concrete installation requirements.

Sydney permeable concrete installation specialists

Monday, June 24, 2019 By APCadmin157